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The MC Swingtet, formerly known as the Milwaukee Connection, paying tribute to the music and spirit of the late Chuck Hedges, is currently booking concert dates under the leadership of jazz guitarist Steve Lewandowski. Featuring some of the Midwest’s best jazz musicians, the MC Swingtet is known for its hard driving rhythm section and tight ensemble melodic lines.

The MC Swingtet’s level of musicianship is high, utilizing some of the upper Midwest’s best jazz musicians including vibraphonist Bob Maynard, whose lightning mallet work has graced Chuck Hedges’ quintet since 1999. Chicago native John Blegen, clarinet, was invited to join The Milwaukee Connection on the recommendation of Chuck Hedges just prior to his retiring from the music scene. With John’s move to the Kansas City area, Kim Cusack, a nationally known trad and swing clarinetist, and Gary Meisner, a fine Milwaukee pianist, have often appeared with the band. George Welland has been one of the premier bass players in the Milwaukee area for many years, and drummer Jack Carr has driven big bands and small throughout the country.

“There’s diversity here, from chamber swing to gypsy jazz, blues, sambas and more” - Mike Drew, Veteran Milwaukee jazz critic and columnist


Chuck Hedges Formed this band in 1999 . . .

Chuck Hedges


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